The world of Emily Greco

Emily Greco is a fictional being that comes to accompany us on the journey in search of the existential identity.

She lives in many places, simply because she is a wayfarer and, to make matters worse, she is living in the times of globalization. That is how it happened to her, or that is how the novels that describe her adventures created her. Yet, although she is a wayfarer, what she aspires to the most (a burning desire, the cause of her existence, of course) is to come and be enthroned in our hearts.

Because indeed, although Emily Greco lives around different places, sometimes exotic, and at exceptional times, her stories will surely remind us of ours. What makes her, perhaps, unique is her almost-mania of entering the role of Baron of Münchhausen. With the magic wand she creates the story and enters into it, because life is a miracle, and Emily Greco lives it like this: with admiration and amazement.

Like a modern female Ulysses, she captivates us with her adventures and tempts us to live them mentally with her, sailing to the Great South and certainly to islands with hidden “treasures”. Because definitely, for Emily Greco, there is a workshop-place, a catalytic land, the islands of Cabo Verde.