Meeting Amina – An internal displaced person

Half of the humanity lives enslaved by “fear” and “want”

Amina's sand plot

Me, the storyteller:

Amina was forty, actually, an old woman by the Macua society standards. Anyhow, we roughly were the same age when we met in 1995, in the inner Northern Mozambique, during my work with a rural community ruled by the Macua Chief Mutuara.

She was an internal displaced person (IDP), due to the civil war, ended in 1992. On the long way back to her fertile homeland, she had to stop and ask permission from the Chief Mutuara to crop some cassava to feed her and her numberless grandchildren.

Waiting for the cassava growing, she was assigned by Mutuara’s community to participate, as a “volunteer”, in a program of traditional agriculture improvement that was promoted by the Province and District Agriculture Government Department through an Official Development Assistance (ODA) project.

Her current minuscule, white-sand plot was quite surrealistic! When visiting her with my colleagues, she used to offer us peanuts and her best mat to sit on. Despite her timidity (actually, she accurately avoided speaking in public meetings) she was apparently willing to give answers to our questions and happy to participate in our program. But, on a certain occasion, Amina disclosed to a colleague of us that she was afraid, and she added:

After all, who is free from fear is not a person“.

Me, the global citizen: 

Amina along with 2.8 billion people, almost half of the humanity, lives enslaved by “fear” and “want“. These mutually reinforcing “un-freedoms” lead humanity to multidimensional poverty, which, under globalisation and increasing inequality, overwhelms people with a growing sense of powerlessness and hopelessness.

Poverty offends human dignity and globally threatens and challenges the human community. Therefore, poverty alleviation has always to be a core criterion for policymaking and policy assessment.

Poverty is about multidimensional lack of capabilities, freedoms, and rights. Therefore, the answer must be multidirectional, too. Actually, holistic. Holistic and Humanistic!

Speak Human Rights is underpinning condition of any action for Promoting and Defending Human Rights. Speaking Human Rights is Acting.

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